DNA Testing

I offer DNA testing to enhance your personalised nutritional strategy. DNA testing can target specific health concerns like fertility, hormones, mood, cardiovascular, inflammation and nutrient metabolism and highlight any variations in your genetic response that increase your risk of disease or disorder.

Some gene variations (or mutations) can cause you to respond to a your environment or a nutrient in a particular way. Some people have genes which make them prone to inflammation, metabolise fat differently or less able to use folic acid in the body. This can result in an increased risk of heart disease, high cholesterol or miscarriage, for example.

Being aware of gene variations can give us the information we need to minimise the risk to which they contribute. Using certain foods to minimise this risk is called nutrigenomics, the science of personalising your nutrition to your genetic make-up.

If the DNA test answers the question of “How do my genes affect how I use certain nutrients?”, nutrigenomics provides the solution to  “How can my diet affect my genes in a healthy way?”