Vitamins - worth it or a waste?

Trends in vitamins seem to fade in and out. In the 90s, vitamin E was all over the place. A few years later, B12 was all the rage. Then, Vitamin D was the hot new thing. These days, a lot of patients ask me about magnesium and probiotics.

Does any of it matter? And should you be taking a little of everything just to be sure?

The answer isn’t as simple as yes or no.

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Kate Spina
You do not have to exercise to eat.

This phrase came up in an Instagram post recently (from the amazing @hi.ur.beautiful - go follow them!). I was amazed at the multiple negative comments beneath saying things like "but if you don't work out, you get fat and you die early". I don’t believe for a second that anyone was advocating “no exercise” or insinuating that exercise is not part of good health. But they key words here are "have to". 

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