Nutrition Consults


My consults go deep into the root cause of your current health.

And, together, we create positive, lasting change.


I help you feel fabulous through delicious food and self care.

Many of my clients are overwhelmed women. They are carrying their family’s mental load and often juggling work, family, life and all that other STUFF.

Often, their capacity for care taking doesn’t include themselves. They are tired.

They know that they must look after themselves in order to look after others, but life happens, yeah? And where to start?

Maybe they are having stomach issues. Maybe they suspect some hormonal imbalances. Maybe they suffer from anxiety and heard that diet can help. Perhaps they are struggling with fertility issues…

Should they go gluten- and dairy-free because that worked for a friend? They were hearing about paleo last year and this year it’s all keto - what’s the deal with that? And a work colleague swears by this new supplement she just bought online…

It’s all very confusing. And they don’t need anything more to think about. They just want to feel their best.

This is where I do my best work.

I want to hear about my clients’ unique goals and challenges. I want to know how they feel at their best and support them in feeling like that every day. I take a holistic approach to health and provide nutritional support for their physical and mental health.

I draw on my own health challenges, my previous career as a chef, my life as a working mum of 3 young children and my awareness that LIFE IS TOO SHORT to be giving up coffee and chocolate to tailor a nutritional therapeutic plan to each person.

During my consults, I provide my clients with the tools, nutrients, recipes, resources and self-care strategies they need to enjoy the glowing good health they DESERVE.

I leave no stone unturned to help my clients eating without confusion, feeling like their best selves and moving joyfully through life.