Why do people come to see me?

I work with motivated people who want to achieve their best health. My clients are committed to embracing change in their lives, but need some guidance.

The vast majority are overwhelmed and weary.

Overwhelmed by work, family, life stuff and the relentlessness of keeping it together. They focus their energy on others while neglecting their own physical and emotional health. They nourish their family, but eat on the run. They feel constantly stressed but are too busy to take time out. They are like ducks on water, paddling madly beneath but keeping it together on the surface.

They know something needs to change, they want to change – but where do they start? Each week there is a different diet or superfood and a thousand different opinions on how to be healthy. Perhaps a friend of theirs is doing intermittent fasting or giving up gluten – should they try that as well?

Maybe they have hormonal imbalances, anxiety issues or simply feel depleted? Maybe they are trying to support conventional medical treatments with the right nutritional choices?

They want to get on top of everything but feel frustrated and confused…

How DO I help?

This is where I do my best work.

I get rid of the confusion by giving clear guidance. I eliminate the frustration by making my advice practical and achievable.

I recognise my clients as the amazing individuals they are with their own unique challenges and goals. They are welcomed into my practice in a space that is caring, sincere and non-judgemental. I prescribe clear eating guidelines (minus confusing, trendy bulls**t), sometimes supplements and always self-care.

I draw on nearly two decades of chef experience and provide simple, healing tips and tricks to make healthy eating easier. I figure out each person’s strengths and weaknesses and work with them.  I provide tools and guidance for clients to take charge of their health and carve out some healing space.

Choose glowing good health now..

If you are ready to prioritise your health and make some changes, book an appointment with me at The Well

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