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I am experienced in running cooking classes for all ages and I combine this knowledge with the latest nutritional research in my workshops. The format and topic can be tailored to your group and will always include easy-to-understand information, how that translates into take-home skills and some relevant food tastings. You WILL walk away feeling positive and motivated to take practical steps towards better health.

I run regular workshops at The Well in Bondi and  Vive Cooking School  in Rosebery.

Upcoming Workshops


Thursday, 28th June at The Well, Bondi Beach. 6.30pm.

The impact of our gut health on our overall health and wellbeing has received a lot of publicity lately and deservedly so. While we have known of gut bacteria’s connection to gut health for many years, the influence of our gut bacteria on other aspects of our health, especially our mental state, is a more recent discovery. Now scientists talk of our gut as our “second brain” and study the communications of our gut-brain axis and its effects on other parts of our body outside of our digestive system.

This sort of research is incredibly interesting and exciting in its potential. Did you know that your gut bacteria can tell me if you are more likely to be obese or lean, get certain cancers, how likely you are to get colds and flu, if you have diabetes or are more predisposed to high blood pressure? Did you know that certain strains of bacteria may be a contributing factor to many mental conditions? As a nutritionist, the potential for food and probiotics to make a powerful difference here is exciting stuff and very empowering for my clients.
In this workshop with Keiran Barry, we will talk about the latest research on the gut-brain axis, help you identify what gut imbalances you might have, discuss how to get your gut filled with the bacteria you need, how to keep them happy and healthy and what we can learn from zombie ants (yes, zombie ants!). Please RSVP to The Well.

During the month of August I am focusing on gut health in my practice and personally. I will be offering $50 half hour consults for people who really want to give a boost to their microbiome to address specific conditions or simply before Spring. Book in at reception or via the app and mention or note the 30 minute Gut Health consult.

In the meantime, Eat Well, Be Well!


HEALTHY MEAL PLANNING WORKSHOP at Vive Cooking School, Rosebery.
Sunday 12 August, 11:30 am – 2:30 pm.

In this workshop, you will learn the meal planning essentials that make healthy eating happen with ease. You will discover that proper planning can produce delicious, nourishing food and save you time, stress and money.


*Delicious, healthy recipes that will impress your family (kids included!) and friends
*Meal planning skills to reduce wasted time, money and food
*Tricks to eliminate the “What’s for dinner?” hassle
*4 simple food prep steps that set you up for a week of healthier eating


*New cooking skills that are sure to impress your family and friends and even yourself
*Delicious dishes to enjoy with your fellow classmates
*Any leftovers to take home
*The recipes for all the dishes made during the class
*Your own meal planning template filled out for a week of healthy, delicious eating

This class is $140 pp. To secure your place, book here.