I want you to feel amazing. I help you reveal the best version of yourself through food, supplements, stress management, precision testing and mindset.

I am a qualified nutritionist, chef, member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society and a IWBI WELL Nourishment advisor for 2018-19.

I am passionate about supporting your health through a joyful relationship with food.

I have particular interests in gut health, hormonal imbalances, anxiety and depression. My approach is a holistic one and tailored to your individual goals, challenges and strengths.

My passion for good food includes its powerful role in health as well as eating as one of life's great joys. I will always ask you what foods you ENJOY eating and focus on positive behaviours to improve your health and get you closer to your goals.

I have practices in the Sydney CBD, Summer Hill and Bondi Beach and I also offer online consults. If you are wondering how I can help you right now, click here. If you want to start making positive changes straight away,  book here.

I combine a successful career as a chef with my nutrition qualifications. I teach cooking and nutrition workshops & classes, have experience in public speaking, have had recipes published and been featured as a nutrition expert in several publications.

I am also the in-house nutritionist/chef for Food Rascal, a progressive boutique caterer and food consulting company. With Food Rascal, I have experience implementing the International Well Building Standard. I currently sit on the 2018-19 IWBI Nourishment advisory with other experts from around the world. To find out more about this exciting global health initiative, click here.

As well as understanding the role of food in health and life, I respect its ability to connect cultures as a common language. I volunteer at the refugee-run eatery Four Brave Women, helping participants gain practical experience and knowledge in running their own eatery.