About Kate


It all started when…

I was working full-time in a busy patisserie, surrounded by 20kg bags of sugar, white flour and butter. The gap between what I cooked for 12 hours a day and how I ate at home had never been greater.

I had been thinking about studying nutrition for some time and had channelled this interest into creating healthier desserts. But it didn't seem enough and, with a second baby on the way, I decided that life was too short. Within 6 months, I had quit my senior pastry position and started the first of three years of study in nutritional medicine.

Now, I am a qualified nutritionist, chef and culinary consultant with two decades of experience working with food. My passion for good food includes its powerful role in preventive health as well as eating as one of life's great joys.

 I have particular interests in gut health, hormonal and mood disorders and integrative oncology care. My approach is a holistic one and I consider other aspects of your health alongside your diet.

I see my nutrition clients at my private practice at The Well, Bondi. If you are wondering how or if I can help you right now, click here. If you want to start making positive changes straight away,  book here.

I have extensive experience working in many areas of hospitality including fine-dining kitchens, creating menus and recipes for dietary requirements, branding events with food and consulting for health-focused cafés. I teach cooking and nutrition workshops & classes, have experience in public speaking and have had recipes published.

I am also the in-house nutritionist/chef for  Food Rascal, a progressive boutique caterer and food consulting company. With Food Rascal, I have experience implementing the International Well Building Standard. I currently sits on the 2018-19 IWBI Nourishment advisory with other experts from around the world. To find out more about this exciting global health initiative, click here.

As well as understanding the role of food in health and life, I respect its ability to connect cultures as a common language. I volunteer at the refugee-run eatery Four Brave Women, helping participants gain practical experience and knowledge in running their own eatery.