Code of conduct for Natural Medicine Practitioners in New South Wales, Australia

A code of conduct for unregistered health practitioners came into effect on 1 August 2008. On 1 July 2010, the Code was amended and now also applies to the previously registered professions of optical dispensers and dental technicians. As of 1 September 2012, minor changes to the Code were made included in Schedule 3 of the Public Health Regulation. The code including the Notice to Display is available in poster format (A3) in English and 10 community languages.

The intention of the code is to set out the minimum practice and ethical standards with which unregistered health service providers are required to comply. The code of conduct informs consumers what they can expect from practitioners and the mechanisms by which they may complain about the conduct of, or services provided by, an unregistered health service provider. The key aspects of the code are that the health practitioner:

  • must provide health services in safe and ethical manner

  • if diagnosed with an infectious medical condition, must ensure that he or she practises in a manner that does not put clients at risk

  • must not make claims to cure certain serious illnesses

  • must adopt standard precautions for infection control

  • must not dissuade clients from seeking or continuing with treatment by a registered medical practitioner and must accept the rights of their clients to make informed choices in relation to their health care

  • must not practise under the influence or alcohol or drugs

  • must not practise with certain physical or mental conditions

  • must not financially exploit clients

  • is required to have an adequate clinical basis for treatments

  • must not misinform their clients

  • must not engage in a sexual or improper personal relationship with a client

  • must comply with relevant privacy laws

  • must keep appropriate records

  • must keep appropriate insurance

  • must display code and other information (with some exceptions)

  • must not sell or supply an optical appliance without proper authorisation